harernāmaiva nāmaiva nāmaiva mama jīvanam |
kalau nāstyeva nāstyeva nāstyeva gatiranyathā ||

In Kali Yuga, chanting the holy name of the Supreme Lord Hari is the only way to attain purity of mind.


Radhakalyana Mahotsava Sponsorship

We earnestly appeal to everyone to please join hands with us during this historical event and contribute generously to cover the major expenses such as
1) Hall (2 days)
2) Floral decorations
3) Annadhanam (2 days)
4) Bhagavatha sambhavana etc.

Please choose an amount you wish to contribute

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rAmA nAma japa booklet

Sri Satguru Seva Samajam has started an initiative to enable devotees to write “rAmA nAmA” The Samajam has even printed a “rAmA nAma japa” booklet. A donation of USD 5 is suggested per booklet and this donation will be used towards Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam.

Date & Time

05-28-2016 Saturday

08:00 to 3:30 PM
Thodaya Mangalam, Guru Keertanams and Sampradaya Ashtapadi Bhajan(1-21), Tharangam

03:30 to 04:00 PM
Namasankeerthan by Children

04:00 to 04:30 PM
Panchapadi Keerathanam

05:00 PM onwards
Puja, Devatha Dhyanam and Divyanamam Deepa Pradhakshinam

05-29-2016 SUNDAY

07:30:00 to 08:30 AM

08:30 to 1:00 PM
Sampradhaya Divyanama Bhajan and Radhakalyanam

04:00 to 06:00 PM
Anjaneya Utsavam

Please plan to attend all two days and spread the word among interested people.
Maha prasadam will be served for all two days.